Discreet Magic Box of Tricks

The secret to the success of the Fohen system is in the unassuming innovative boiler tank unit which discreetly slips away under your sink unit to do all the hard work. The compact stainless steel tank is not under mains pressure, so the system is unvented and therefore no excess water is discharged to drain.

The inner tank has several electrical safety features. A temperature sensor to give an accurate digital external reading of the current water temperature. A float sensor detecting the water level in the tank, this avoids dry start that would damage the boiler. An overheat stat to ensure the unit never overcooks.


• With its impressive 2.4litre tank, the boiler is holds a lot of water - enough for over 10 cups of tea!

• The appliance is supplied with a carbon rod filter designed for absorption and removal of calcium, magnesium, odour, dirt and particles.

• The inner tank is fully insulated and energy efficient helping to maintain the tank temperature.

• Compact in design to fit discreetly into your base unit (Overall height 315mm, Width 210mm, Depth 210mm)

• Brushed jet black surround complimented with a smoked glass top that incorporates digital touch control and functional colour display.

• Temperature adjustable from 75 - 98°C