1x Dual Action Resin & Carbon Limescale Filter

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Key Features Include:

Although perfectly safe to drink, UK water contains impurities that can spoil the taste, smell, appearance, and overall quality of water. The Fohen instant hot taps system heats the water to 98 degrees which causes the release of temporary hardness, this causes scale build-up and can have a significant impact on running costs together with the inconvenience of increased maintenance and downtime.

The key to a long-term solution is an efficient water filtration system, with timely filter exchange, to keep the system at optimum efficiency, such as the dual-action resin & carbon limescale filter. 

The advantages of the dual-action limescale filter system include the following:

  • Sustainability - The ability to refill & reuse the filter housing, decreasing the impact on the environment and saving you money.
  • Water flow - Increased operating pressure from 58 PSI to 125 PSI, decreasing the pressure drop and providing an increased water flow. 
  • Carbon & Resin Filtration - Carbon reduces chlorine, taste, and odour. Resin provides a reliable reduction in carbonate hardness and therefore in substances leading to limescale deposits. In addition, it reduces the unwanted taste and aroma elements and particles, thereby ensuring optimum product quality and the long operational life of the Fohen Tap system. 
  • Energy saving
  • Longer boiler life
  • Reduction in limescale deposits 

 Compatible with all Fohen boiling water taps.