Fohën | Save time with an instant boiling water tap

Fohën | Save time with an instant boiling water tap

The Fohën Instant boiling water taps dispense boiling water at the twist of a lever and are a convenient and energy-efficient alternative to a kettle. Ideal for those that don’t have the time or the patience to wait for a kettle to boil, or are proud of their kitchen design and require a more streamlined look. Installing an instant boiling water tap is the perfect solution.

The are many benefits to replacing your antiquated kettle in favour of a plumbed-in solution.

Time-Saving - get instant access to the exact amount of hot water you need, so you don’t have to wait around for the kettle to boil.

Safety – Each Fohën Instant boiling water tap is insulated and comes fitted with a spring-loaded, redundancy based, safety catch to prevent accidents.  

Convenience – There’s no need to carry a kettle around the kitchen or stand by the tap whilst it fills. Plus, free yourself from clutter and liberate one more plug point in your kitchen, which is ideal for those that have limited space.

Energy Saving – Only use the exact amount of boiling water that you need which reduces electricity and water use.

Taste – Maximising the thirst-quenching magnificence and product lifespan, the Fohën Carbon Purity Filter removes almost all limescale & chemical impurities found in your mains water supply, making it perfect for even the hardest of hard water regions.

Does an instant boiling water tap save money?

Yes. Having 2.4 litres of piping hot 98.9°C water literally on tap means you will only ever use the exact amount of water you need, leaving kettle filling guestimates as a thing of the past. With an instant boiling water tap, you can dispense the water directly into your mug or pan, so no electricity or water is wasted.

Revolutionise your kitchen with a Fohën boiling water tap