Fohën Blog | The benefits of drinking hot water

Fohën Blog | The benefits of drinking hot water

Many cultures, such as China and India, include drinking a glass of hot water when getting up among their traditional health practices. Among other positive effects, they contribute towards the improvement to the digestive system of people who follow this habit. In addition to hydrating and replenishing yourself, the truth is that drinking hot water has many more benefits that we will tell you about in this article.

Relaxes the central nervous system
Hot water and hydration help relax the central nervous system, which has positive effects on your feelings of anxiety, pain or stress. This can be particularly beneficial for people with arthritis.

Relief from constipation
Difficulties in achieving a regular intestinal transit are amongst one of the most common discomforts and ailments in our society. In addition to playing sports or taking walks, consuming fiber, and guaranteeing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, drinking hot water can help you. How? Hot water favours intestinal contractions, which in turn favours the elimination of residues that may have remained in them, and in this way the body can release them more easily.

Promotes circulation
Surely you have experienced the pleasure of a hot bath or spa. As you may well know, external contact with water at different temperatures favours circulation. Well, drinking hot water works in a similar way. Adequate circulation will in turn benefit blood pressure, which can prevent cardiovascular problems.

Relief of nasal congestion
Hot water generates steam. Inhaling this steam flow while drinking something hot relieves the jam caused by nasal congestion. We also find mucous membranes in the neck and torso, so the transit of hot water can alleviate the areas most affected by the accumulation of secretions.

Can aid in weight loss
The body strives to maintain a regular temperature despite external factors. When we drink hot water, body temperature increases, and our body activates its metabolism to adjust and counteract the increase in heat. In addition, the contribution of hot water to cleaning the intestine could reduce fluid retention and therefore help you lose weight.

Limits and recommendations
It is important to keep in mind that excessive hot water can be harmful. A high temperature can burn your taste buds and your tongue. One way to avoid this is to let the water stand or use a temperature tap on demand to guarantee certain degrees. Drink at temperatures you are comfortable with, and remember that the first and last hours of the day are two good times to take advantage of the benefits and sensations of hot water. If you want to flavour it, we recommend adding citrus fruits such as lemon or lime juice.

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