Fohën Blog | How to Make Your Kitchen More Environmentally Friendly

Fohën Blog | How to Make Your Kitchen More Environmentally Friendly

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Environmentally Friendly

With The Fohën Instant Boiling Water System you only need to heat the water you need.

By using wasting less water and using less energy you are not only saving on bills but also being much kinder to the environment.

So, here are three more ways you can help to reduce waste and keep the planet happy.


Buy more energy efficient appliances

Buying energy efficient devices will help reduce your carbon footprint as well as your household bills, so look for appliances with a premium energy rating.

If you can look for appliances with energy ratings range above A or even to A+++, which is the most energy efficient, then you are on to a winner.

Many modern appliances, especially fridges, are made with better ratings. But always keep your eyes peeled when shopping for a new machine.

It’s easy to identify the most energy efficient models as kitchen appliances have to carry a European Energy Label rating by law.


Set up sorted waste bins


Make household waste recycling a lot easier by separating out smaller bins for different waste.

Although things have become better over the years, local councils vary with what they will recycle and don’t recycle. So, keep a note of what they take. For example, some may even take glass but some you will have to make a trip to the local bottle bank.

There are plenty of solutions out there, but simply marking your different bins with different types of recycling will help you and your family make the most out of your waste. Sorting them out beforehand, makes it so much better on collection day.

Also, you can do this with your food waste, putting them into a compost bin which you can use on your garden.


Save on plastic bottles and get filtered water from the tap

People still prefer to drink bottled water than tap water, but we are starting to understand the negative impact this is creating.

However, kitchen taps can also produce filtered water that you can drink now.

Fohën taps come with a carbon rod filter that absorbs and removes calcium, magnesium, odour, dirt and particles, etc making both your hot and cold water refreshingly ready to drink.

You will also save money - on average, bottled water costs 500 times more per litre than tap water!


Want to be more environmentally friendly?

Take a look at our wide range of instant boiling water taps or download a copy of our brochure now.