Fohën Blog | Are Instant Boiling Water Taps Safe?

Are Instant Boiling Water Taps Safe?

The kitchen can sometimes be a stressful place. This is why, at Fohën we’ve designed our Instant Boiling Water Taps to be as safe, simple and stress-free as possible.

Here are 4 reasons why these innovations are safe for any busy, modern kitchen.


Special Childsafe Lock

These taps are very hard for interested children to accidentally hurt themselves.

To release the steaming hot water, first you need to press down the safety catch, which is not easy for tiny hands to do. Then, you twist the handle and keep it held while you fill your mug or pot. 

If the button isn’t pushed down, or if you release the handle, no hot water comes out. This is called a “double spring-loaded” design

As soon as the handle is released, it’ll spring back to the “off” position and the hot water will instantly stop.

This means that you can’t you can’t accidentally leave the steaming water running like you can with a ‘normal’ tap.


Cool to the touch

Fohën taps deliver very, very hot water (up to 98 degrees!)

We’ve purposefully designed them so that the hot water runs independently through the centre of the spout.

This means that your tap is always cool to the touch on the outside. No sudden injuries


Lower water pressure – no spitting or splashing

Boiling water taps also deliver the hot water at a slightly lower pressure than you might expect. This is to prevent the water from spitting and splashing, again keeping you safe.


Electrical safety

The secret to the success of the Fohën system is in the unassuming innovative boiler tank unit which discreetly slips away under your sink unit to do all the hard work.

The inner tank has several electrical safety features:

  • A temperature sensor to give an accurate digital external reading of the current water temperature.
  • A float sensor detecting the water level in the tank, this avoids dry start that would damage the boiler.
  • An overheat stat to ensure the unit never overcooks


Adjustable water temperature

You can also use the boiler tank to adjust the water temperature from all the way down to 75 degrees, just in case things are too hot for you!


Try for yourself

Like what you hear? Then why not try our risk-free and stress-free 30 Day Free Trial. Just go to our shop and pick your favourite tap now.