Instant Hot Water Taps: What's The Deal?

Instant Hot Water Taps: What's The Deal?


The boiling water tap hit the market back in 1992, though the taps took a while to catch on in the UK, where proper tea-making borders on religion and opinions differed on whether the water produced by the taps was quite hot enough for tea. But the biggest challenge lay in convincing consumers that the taps were safe. Only now are boiling water taps becoming known in the United Kingdom, where several retailers offer different models, such as Quoter and Fohen.

It is a simple idea: a small compact stainless steel electric tank, installed under the kitchen sink, keeps the water at a high temperature. The attached tap is mounted at countertop level on the sink (it might be necessary to drill a new hole for this). You press a button or turn a tap and instantly get water that’s almost boiling—98 degrees, and it can be set lower. So if you’re accustomed to filling a kettle and waiting for it to boil, or standing around while the microwave does its thing, or cranking up a burner under a giant pasta pot, you can bypass all that. Read on to find out if a boiling water tap is right for you.

Great value

An instant boiling water tap is perfect for you if you value convenience. It saves  time in the kitchen, since you only need to press a button or twist a tap to immediately fill a cup of close-to-boiling water for your cuppa tea or hot chocolate.

Other uses will soon materialize, such as loosening a stubborn jar lid, cleaning out containers for recycling, and so on. Some of the world's most celebrated chefs have boiling water taps at home as well as work, so it's good value for cooking too. 

A boiling water tap can save energy too , since it doesn’t heat more water than you’ll use—as opposed to, say, filling a kettle when you only need a cupful. 

Safe stream

For those with young children around, don't worry. But the taps all have very effective safety mechanisms to avoid accidents. Fohën taps have childproof handles that have to be pushed in before it will turn and the spout is insulated so it doesn’t get too hot to the touch, as well as other various safety-lock functions. And the water is released in an aerated spray that’s less likely to burn.

Full steam ahead

To order your Fohën instant boiling tap, simply choose the style and finish you want, and buy online or call 0800 0293 2912 free. Alternatively, request a brochure if you would like further details... Enjoy!