Style And Substance

Style And Substance

Design, colour, finish

The stylish tap is finished in 6 different metallics to match any kitchen design, style and colour, view our choices above. Opt for the chrome finish, timeless and modern for any kitchen or be bold and make a statement with our matte black or brushed metallic hues as they are trending in 2019. There is also a more traditional lever design, also available in a wide range of classic finishes.

Safety first!

We’ve thought about the practicality and functioning of our product in your home. Our product is designed with a Child Safe Spring Locked Handle which only dispenses hot water when triggered. This ensures that the center of your spout is always cool to touch! A safe flow of water is delivered from the spout without the dangers of spitting hot water making it safer for users.


The tap comes with a 5-year warranty
The boiler unit comes with a 2-year warranty

Right - where can I get mine?

Easy! Just order here to get your Instant Boiling Hot Water Tap Today or better yet give us a call on 0800 023 9213 and we’ll assist you. The tap comes with a Boiler Unit and Replacement Carbon Filter. Get your Instant Hot Water Tap from Fohen today and raise the standard of your kitchen design!