Instant Boiling Water Tap - The New Kitchen Standard!

Instant Boiling Water Taps

Have you considered having a boiling water tap in your kitchen? Why Not? When designing your new kitchen, make the decision to have an instant hot water tap, as they are becoming the new norm in our homes. Save time in the kitchen, as you no longer have to wait for water to boil. In this blog we’re going to introduce you to our New Instant Hot Water System and why having an Instant Hot Water Tap in your kitchen is the new standard.

What is an instant boiling water tap?

Our instant hot water taps deliver instant hot water straight from your kitchen tap. Water hot enough to brew your cup of tea or coffee instantly! But how hot is hot? To be exact 98° instant prefiltered water is passed through our boiling water taps, in addition to providing the standard hot and cold water. The Tri Flow Tap features a 360° swivel spout for ease of use and flexibility. Designed to save you time cooking, eradicating your need for a kettle and keeping your worktops clear from kitchen clutter! What else could you ask for?

How do the boiling water taps work?

A watched pot never boils! With our boiling water system, there’s no need to watch! Our system is a compact brushed stainless steel 2.4 Litre Tank that can fit unobtrusively under your sink. With the touch screen digital display, you can adjust the temperature from 75° to 98°. Cold water from your mains is filtered into the tank, which is then boiled within the tank to your set temperature. Other units on the market require separate cold-water supply and plumbing but not with Fohën! Our unique system does not need extra pipework, and as an unvented system, it's quick and easy to install. There’s no excess discharge, saving you on water and metered bills! Sounds ideal? It is!

What colours and finishes are available?

Available in 10 outstanding colour finishes, our extensive range of boiling water taps feature amongst some of the most durable brassware available around the world today. Operating the latest cutting-edge technology, our magnificent colour finishes are achieved using a process called Physical Vapour Deposition. Our PVD coating process is by far the most durable coating available on the market today and works by placing each tap in an externally heated vacuum chamber before repeatedly applying vaporised pigments for your chosen colour. Tap colours include black, chrome, pink, white, gold, nickel, bronze, copper, gunmetal & brass.

Are instant boiling water taps safe?

Fohën taps come with double spring-loaded, redundancy locks, meaning the boiling water tap can’t be left running without holding the lever in position or turned on by inquisitive little ones. Our splutter-free spouts are specifically designed to remain insulated from the inner flow of boiling water and to deliver piping hot water at a consistent and steady flow. Each boiling unit comes pre-programmed with "safe-modes" meaning if for whatever reason your water supply should shut off, your system will react and prevent any overheating.

Which instant boiling water tap for kitchens?

Crafted from the highest-grade raw materials and individually hand tested, our entire range of Instant Boiling Water Taps come with completive 2-year warranty as standard. Our Automatic Warranty Registration means that there’s no need for you to do anything to activate your warranty once your purchase is complete.

Our range of instant boiling water taps include:

  • The Fahrenheit which is a single tap which unites both mixer and boiling water functions. The design is simple, modern and is our newest innovation.
  • The Fantale range offers all the high quality performance of up-to the-minute tap design with a timeless period look. Enjoy ageless Fohën quality as the centrepiece to your classic kitchen.
  • The Furnas tap range offers a minimalist contemporary design with a traditional swan neck tap spout. The Fohën Furnas offers style and sophistication to any new kitchen design and delivers new life to those upgrading.
  • The revolutionary hand-held flexible spout on the Fohën Flex tap comes complete with an in-built hydro-aerator for hot & cold mains supplied water. With both the hand-held flexible spout and the 360° swivel boiling water spout, you truly can transform and modernise your kitchen.
  • The Fohën Flare features classic ceramic mixer lever handles with the modern functionality of a 360-degree swivel boiling water spout and a separate hand-held flexible spout. The tap suits a Belfast sink perfectly.


How to fit an instant boiling water tap?

If you’re DIY savvy and know your way around a toolbox then you should be able to follow the instructions in the box. However, we would recommend calling a trained plumbing professional to avoid any kitchen nightmares. No need to call the electrician. We’ve purposefully designed the Fohën Instant Boiling Water System to be as easy to install as possible. Please see our installation guide here.

Why buy an instant boiling water tap?

  • Purity Filtered - the Fohën Carbon Purity Filter removes almost all limescale & chemical impurities found in your mains water supply, making it perfect for even the hardest of hard water regions.
  • Water Saving - Having 2.4 litres of piping hot 98.9°C water literally on tap means you will only ever use the exact amount of water you need.
  • Energy efficient - Recent studies have shown that a standard kettle costs, on average, 3p to boil once. The Fohën Instant Boiling Water Tap system costs as little as 8.7p per day to run, making it one of the most efficient kitchen appliances available today.
  • Time Saving - Having piping hot, 98.9°C water available on demand is guaranteed to save you time each day. With the average adult boiling a kettle 4 times per day at an average boil time of 85 seconds, a Fohën Instant Boiling Water Tap would save 1.4 days every year simply waiting for the kettle to boil.
  • Extra Safe - Each tap comes fitted with a spring-loaded, redundancy based, safety catch. The safety catch must be depressed before the boiling water handle can be operated and once the hand is removed from the handle, the spring mechanism automatically closes the water supply.
  • Great Looking - All of our taps are designed with the intention of making any kitchen look great. Using the latest coating technology, the super-durable finish of our coloured taps will outlast any traditional finishing techniques


Instant boiling water tap vs kettle

An instant boiling water tap is much cheaper and much more efficient than a kettle. The boiler takes water from your kitchen’s existing cold-water supply and heats it using its innovative, low-energy, insulated, pressure tank. The water stays in the tank, heated to the temperature you choose (you can adjust it between 75 – 98.9 degrees). The innovate boiler means that the tank can keep a full 2.4 litres of water heated to 98.9 degrees all day for only 8.7p.

An instant boiling water tap saves space in your kitchen and looks far superior than a kettle.

Right - where can I buy an instant boiling water tap?

Easy! Just order here to get your Instant Boiling Water Tap Today or better yet give us a call on 0808 196 2480 and we’ll assist you. The tap comes with a Boiler Unit and Replacement Carbon Filter. Get your Instant Boiling Water Tap from Fohen today and raise the standard of your kitchen design.


Instant Boiling Water Taps